Our custom, made to measure units are available in a variety of colours and styles. Below you can browse the selection by price band.

Price Band A

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Price Band D

In some board thicknesses we do not carry the following colours in our standard stock; as such they are special orders. Please contact us for more details.

White: W1000 18/26mm, GF (Paint Grade) 27mm, W1200 27mm

UNI: U343 9mm, U748 9mm, U763 18mm, U999 18mm, U727 26mm, U100 27mm, U104 27mm, U108 27mm, U702 27mm, U708 27mm, U717 27mm, U727 27mm, U741 27mm, U961 27mm

Wood Grain: H1793 27/15mm, H1796 27/15mm, H3309 28/15mm, H3325 28/15mm, H3326 28/15mm, H1793 27/27mm, H1796 27/27mm, H3309 28/28mm, H3325 28/28mm, H3326 28/28mm, H3760 29mm, H3766 29mm, H1250 36mm, H1377 36mm, H1379 36mm, H1486 36mm, H3344 36mm, H3420 36mm

Materials: F310 87mm, H311 87mm